Nine Months into Retirement

WVLA (1)     I just renewed my membership in ALA/AASL and joined YALSA.  This is most likely not typical behavior for one who has retired, but after nine months, I must admit I haven’t got the hang of it.  I am pretty sure I don’t want to be retired from a cause that I fervently support.

At any rate, I have been quite busy since last December.  I stepped up my part-time work at a public library throughout the summer.  I continued to teach adult ed courses (smartphones, usually) in the evenings, and facilitated and help write courses for WVLearns, online professional development offered by the West Virginia Department of Education.  I have stayed in touch with my county library coordinator and tried to keep her apprised of significant school library developments, as she is not a librarian.

I planned and executed a school library workshop for our state’s school librarians.  Former AASL past president Leslie Preddy attended, and I believe it was her presence and influence that garnered our association enough membership to become an AASL affiliate.  I found someone to replace me as chair of the School Libraries Division.  I guess I can say I am stepping away from my role as chair with pride.  I am profoundly greatful to all who have supported our struggling school libraries division for so long.  Hopefully the division will continue to expand under new leadership.  I most likely will be on the sidelines, watching and waiting to be asked for help if needed, and cheering everyone on.

I intend to purchase the new standards and get the advance discount.  I want to share these with my former colleagues.  I want to share them with school boards, administrators, and elected officials.  Retirement gives me that freedom.

With all this I have not forgotten the National Board candidates for whom this blog was intended.  I hope to be a better mentor to all.